I am currently in the USA!!! And more specifically, in Atlanta, Georgia! I have been in America for approximately 3 weeks and I am loving every minute of it!

I received a visit, over the weekend, from my best friend of 17 years – she is on her own American adventure and she decided to pop by to Atlanta to say hi! Isn’t she the BESTEST!!

Well, whenever my best friend and I are together we always tend to accidently discover quirky things to do. While we were exploring Atlanta on foot we came across this place called ESCAPE THE ROOM! We had never heard of it before and after we looked it up online our curiosities were stirred and we decided to find out what it was all about. When we were informed about ESCAPE THE ROOM we decided immediately that we were going to sign up to take part that very afternoon. Yes! We are spontaneous like that!


Well, Escape The Room is a fun, interactive entertainment concept whereby you (and your teammates) are “locked” in an ordinary room for 60 minutes and the only way to essentially “get out” or “unlock” your way out is by “problem-solving your way out of the room” by finding hidden objects, figuring out clues and solving puzzles to “earn your freedom and “Escape The Room“.  There are many types of rooms in which you could choose from and we chose THE NEWSROOM – which was set up as a typical television newsroom. All the puzzles and clues related to the television newsroom theme. It was so much fun! My friend and I were teamed up with 8 other people we had never met before but we all worked together and managed to ESCAPE THE ROOM with only 54 seconds remaining before the 60 minutes was up.

I would highly recommend the Escape The Room experience. You could choose to enjoy it with a group of friends or co-workers. It really is a great team building exercise.

Here are my favourite highlights from my Escape The Room experience –




For more on Escape The Room Atlanta visit their website

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