I am sure you all know by now that I am a ROYAL ALBERT HALL fan & veteran, but it is definitely an experience that every person who visits London should experience at least once!! And if you can, I would highly recommend watching a show from a PRIVATE BOX – that’s the only way to see a show as I always say! You can read some of my past blog posts which include a performance by KARL JENKINS & THE ROYAL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA (see HERE ), JOHN GRANT (see HERE ) and CIRQUE DE SOLEIL (see HERE ).
I recently attended the BBC PROMS and if you are going to treat yourself to a Royal Albert Hall experience, then I would highly recommend the BBC Proms.
The BBC Proms (also known as The Proms or The Henry Wood Promenade Concerts presented by the BBC) are daily ORCHESTRAL CLASSICAL MUSIC CONCERTS held during the LONDON SUMMER SOCIAL SEASON at the ROYAL ALBERT HALL!! The concerts last for approximately 8 weeks and are one of the Society events of the year! I personally prefer watching the concerts from a Private Box, but whether you prefer to spend less on purchasing tickets or were unfortunate to attempt to get tickets late in the season and you find them sold out (and the tickets sell out way in advance), you can rest easy knowing that there is a chance to get really cheap tickets for the Proms at the last minute. If you don’t mind “Promming” as it is so referred, you can buy affordable seating (for as little as 7 pounds) on the day of each concert BUT be aware that these are tickets for the standing areas in the hall. Also, there is usually a very long queue outside the hall for such tickets and the tickets are not guaranteed. But should you able to get your hands on the tickets, I guarantee that concerts will be worth the wait.
However, if you dislike both queuing for tickets you may or not get your hands on, AND dislike standing for two whole hours (like myself as I heavily dislike both), then ensure you purchase tickets well in advance before they sell out!!

I got to the blessed opportunity to attend the PROMS 57 – Thomas Larcher (Symphony 2), Elisabeth Kulman (mezzo-soprano), Semyon Bychkov (conductor) and the BBC Symphony Orchestra.

I also got the blessed opportunity to attend the PROMS 63 – Johann Sebastian Bach (Mass in B minor), Katherine Watson (soprano), Tim Mead (counter-tenor), Reinoud van Mechelen (tenor), Andre Morsch (baritone), Les Arts Florrisants and William Christie (conductor).

Here are some of my favourite moments from both the Proms 57 and Proms 63:

There you have it bloggettes!
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